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Outage Checklist

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Print a copy of this list and save it in a convenient place in case you ever have a power outage.

Following this simple checklist before you call Stanton County PPD's emergency number will assist SCPPD in determining whether the outage is a line or an individual outage.

  • Check to see if the fuses below the meter are good.
  • If you have breakers, make sure they are "ON" and have not kicked out.
  • Make sure any double throw switch (for standby power), is in the correct position.
  • Check with your neighbors to see if they have electricity.

Other information that will expedite repair time includes:

  • The name of the individual/business responsible for bill payments.
  • The consumer number and/or legal location of the property experiencing the outage.
  • The irrigation map number is necessary if the service is an irrigation well or pump.
  • The correct physical location assures the quickest response time by our crews.

Stanton County PPD’s Emergency Number: (877) 439-2300

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