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Stanton County PPD is governed by a six member Board of Directors. Each Director is elected to a six-year term. Board meetings are held the first Thursday following the fourth Monday of each month—unless otherwise specified—at the Stanton office, 807 Douglas Street in Stanton. Meetings from April through October begin at 7 p.m.; meetings from November through March begin at 10 a.m. These regular meetings are open to the public. If you plan to attend or wish to present anything before the Board, please let us know in advance by calling (402) 439-2228 so that we can get you on the agenda.

Board of Directors

  • Jim Scherer, President
  • Doug Oertwich, Vice President
  • Weldon Marotz, Secretary
  • John Gall, Treasurer
  • Robert Schellpeper, Director
  • Gary Koehlmoos, Director